Heaven, Gene Simmons & Breast Cancer Awareness – All In One Day!

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(OK – so I wasn’t sure what to use for a title, since I am talking about 3 pretty random things – although I do my best to tie it all together:-)

Mom, Is There A Heaven?


Photo Credit: Mikhail Popov

I wrote a post on my mom blog, that I thought of putting over here – but figured I will just put a link for anyone who would like to read it. It talks about my daughter coming into my room last night after having a bad dream. She had dreamed she was in heaven, and she was all alone and there was nothing to do. She was terrified, and had a million questions for me about heaven, and what if it wasn’t real. I just didn’t know the answers.

We have been struggling a lot financially since all of my treatments and stuff, (as I have mentioned before….even though it is humiliating to have to admit – but that is the sad truth a lot of people who have gone through an illness are faced with), and unfortunately, our worries have spilled over and caused my daughter to have her own worries too.

So, click here if you would like to read the post about that……Mom, Is There A Heaven?

Gene Simmons & KISS

In the meantime, I am sitting her watching the clock and knowing tickets to the KISS concert are going on sale at the very minute I am writing this. I would love to go – yes, I am a HUGE KISS fan – always have been. I saw them before I was married, and it was the best concert ever. Gene Simmons is my absolute hero….(I know, very strange hero for a mom to have, but I think his business sense is just amazing and he seems like such a nice man). And, behind the makeup and onstage persona, is someone who I think is a very kind hearted person.

And, I can’t afford tickets to a concert that they are putting on in a small little rural area that they are coming to near where I live!! (Last time I saw them, I had to drive over 2 hours and spend the night in the city they were in). But, this tour, they are playing some smaller venues, and we were chosen. It is going to absolutely kill me in July when I know Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, (who I will admit to having a crush on in my younger days:-) are less than a half hour away from me and I can’t see them!!!!

I am NOT looking forward to going on to Facebook after writing this, because I will see nothing but posts by everyone saying they got tickets. And yes, I will fully admit I am insanely jealous of anyone who gets tickets. I am thinking they are most likely already sold out by now – as I have been sitting her writing this and watching the clock. They have been on sale now for about 10 minutes.

The worst part is, everyone knows what a huge KISS fan I have always been. So, as soon as we got word this week that they were coming to Brandon, I was getting phone calls and messages from people making sure I had heard. I know I’m going to be hearing things like, “YOU never got tickets?”, “YOU aren’t going to the concert??”

Well, no – unfortunately, I just can’t justify spending the money when we are struggling to dig back out of this mess. And, both my girls birthdays are this month, so any extra money I can find will be going to get them something and give them their parties.

So, I will apologize now if you end up having to hear me whine for the next few months about not getting to see KISS:-)

Final Herceptin Treatment

I had my last Herceptin treatment in January, and I see I haven’t posted anything since then! Everything has gone OK. I am waiting to hear about a surgery date for my hysterectomy, which they are trying to co-ordinate to have my port taken out at the same time. It has been weird not seeing a doctor every 3 weeks, I have to admit. I have seen a doctor on a very regular basis for almost 2 years when I was diagnosed, and now – I haven’t seen anyone since my last treatment! I go down every month to have my port flushed, but it’s just the nurses, so I don’t even see a doctor.

It is a bit hard to get used to. And, a bit scary, if I’m being completely honest. You get used to being monitored so closely for so long, and now all of a sudden, you are on your own!

But, I just want to have my hysterectomy and be done with it all. So, hopefully that will be soon, and I can start trying to get some sort of normal back to my life!!

New Breast Cancer Awareness Designs

I also wanted to mention that I have put together some new designs for my shop. I admit I feel good when I see that someone has bought something I designed, and that maybe there is a woman out there feeling proud to wear something that shows the fight she has won, or feeling supported by someone she loves wearing something for her.

But, they have a ton of other things as well, besides just t-shirts.

Some of the breast cancer awareness merchandise you can get include water bottles, bumper stickers, mugs, jewelry, bags, phone covers, teddy bears, cards……just a ton of stuff!

One thing I notice they have added are foil balloons and blankets. I was thinking after I had had my mastectomy, how nice it would have been for someone to have been able to bring a balloon in with a matching blanket saying something inspirational to give me a pick-me-up.

There are really some awesome ideas – and some of the new designs I have are quite cool, (if I do say so myself!). The one that has been really popular, is one about how “yes they are fake….my real ones tried to kill me!” for women who have had a mastectomy and aren’t afraid to shout it to the world!

So, I made up a couple other versions of that one – and I think I will be ordering myself a hoodie with it on it!

Anyway – I have a few more designs I am working on which will be going up in the next few days, so stay tuned! And, if you know anyone who could use a boost, or who might benefit from something showing how much you support their fight, take a look around and see what you can find! There is so much more than just t-shirts!

Here is the direct link to my shop – you can see some of the designs I have here….and take a look around!  There is a lot of stuff to choose from!!



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